Coming out….


Silently sitting in a dark closet really is a waste of time…And coming out although may be a challenge, will be the most exhilarating thing you’ll ever do.

I my dears am coming out, I feel completely exposed right now in a good way. Exposing the fact that I love reading, that I write children’s books that I illustrate! These are not things I shared with anyone in the past, and now I’m sharing it all with you out there.

I feel as though I’m running like the wind towards the things that I want, not to mention making a few stupid mistakes along the way, which kind of doesn’t matter, because I absolutely know that I want to do this, and it scares me how sure I am.  

I just want to say a BIG thank you to you lot out there, I’m still at the early stages of my writing career, really early, but your simple LIKES and FOLLOWS have been much appreciated. I also wanted to say to anyone who wants to pursue their dream, as small or as big as it might seem GO AHEAD AND DO IT, COME OUT OF THE CLOSET AND TRY YOUR LUCK! 

Because you simply never know what’s around the corner.

Hey I was wondering, if you wanted to try your hand at something new what would it be?




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