Slobbery kisses under the mistletoe TICK!


Dear Santa 

I would like to…

Enter at least one writing competition, Finish first draft of new middle grade series, Dust off an old script for tweaking and testing on REAL people, sign up for illustrator event. 

And can I have a bright Christmas jumper, with reindeer on the front!

Thank you,

Sabrina writes

Santa has already worked his magic and some of these things have already been ticked. Will let you know more soon x


Its always good to talk, and a friend of mine encouraged me to make an important call I’ve been putting off FOREVER, got a meeting, can’t wait will reveal more soon. Another box ticked.


There’s still so much work to do, but I’m glad to have got the ball rolling. I’m intrigued to know who invented the magnificent BOX OF TICK, because they may be getting a big, fat, slobbery kiss under the mistletoe from yours truly. 

Until of course the love goes sour, and I throw the tick box out of the window, with its clothes, and mobile, maybe scratch its Mini car, bulldoze its favourite Nike trainers, then toss the obligatory make up plant out into the street.

FYI I’m not very good with break ups, so my tick box better stick around I need to keep going!

What things are you ticking off at the moment?




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