Thank you for checking out my blog of frank entries about conceited ol’e me & becoming a Childrens book writer, there’ll also be…

Book reviews– obsessed with Children’s and Fiction- So you’ll see a lot of that, Author interviews, upcoming events and writing competitions!

Oh and if you want to have your say on a particular post drop me a comment, and if you like it then pretty please SHARE it with other wonderful people such as yourself. It would mean a lot to know that I’m not that crazy woman talking to herself in the bathroom mirror with chocolate smeared all over her face…Which is ABSOLUTELY not me…You know that right?

Can’t wait to hear from you x


8 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Loving your blog!I’m wanting to become a children’s writer myself. I’ve started small. But I’ve started! My first little books nearly written up but I’m a little nervous about sensing it in to a publisher and have no idea where to start! I don’t even know if I need to send any illustrations off at first.. as I haven’t got any! Any tips or advice would be HUGELY appreciated by you! Xxxx

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    • Hello Forgetmenot29,

      Thank you for your comment, its lovely to hear from you AND It’s absolutely fab that you’ve got the children’s writing bug, and want to get started.
      In answer to some of your questions my suggestions are- especially if you’re wanting to take this further, is to immerse yourself into the world- join a critic or writers group, this’ll help push your manuscript in the right direction. Also think about joining SCWBI which is a supportive organisation, devoted to helping childrens writers and illustrators. flourish.
      It’s great to hear that you’ve nearly finished writing a book- but word of advice for future projects, remember if the writings not working make up you’re mind whether it’s a story you wish to tell, if it is aim for completion, even if its the worst thing you’ve ever written, as you cannot revise a blank page, only one with words you can see so stick with it.
      Anyhow, before sending it off consider getting some editorial advice- another reason to join a writers group- there are also loads of writing surgeries out there that can help, I say this, so your work is given the best chance possible- you’ll want to stand out from the crowd, as this markets full of great writers. If this is not for you I suggest given it to people you can trust to give constructive crit, leave it in your draw for a couple of weeks then re-read, highlight all the things that jump out at you which don’t quite work and work on that.
      Er…What else? Oh yes, only if you’re an illustrator should you send your work in, if not you’ll be suggested not to do so. Think about making a name for yourself first as a writer, then maybe when there’s a foot in the door you can suggest other possibilities.
      There’s no reason why you can’t hone you’re illustrator craft down and show off your skills on social media sites such as instagram.
      Well I hope this helps,
      Feel free to e-mail [Contacts page] me with any further queries you may have.

      Can’t wait to hear how you get on!

      Take care


      • Ah bless you thank you so for your advice,I’ll certainly take It! It’s much appreciated:) I’ll keep you updated,may not happen for a long time as I’m super busy buy.. We will see! Haha. Keep writing, love reading your blog. Thanks again so much!xxx

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