Happy Birthday to moi!

Shocking out at a Micheal Jackson night in Peckham, a few days after my birthday was great, but it was only when I sat down [Above] in the toilets by an unused but very much mutilated tampon that I knew, it was time to go home.

Birthdays can fly by, or let you know that in that momentous moment ‘Time waits for no man’ so you better keep on moving. For me it’s totally the latter, for instance, this time last year was so very different for me, I had more than I could’ve ever dreamed of, but for some reason I didn’t feel wholly content with what I had.

This time around I have much, much, less…Much less lol, but I’m feeling ok with that, and somehow my heart feels rested…

For better or for worse I can only go forward

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What did you do for  your last birthday? Anything interesting??? Feel free to comment below :-]






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