Pushing forward…..

Last week sometime I’d gone for my 3rd book shop job, and didn’t get it, in fact I didn’t get that, the vintage retail thing, or the job selling saucy hoisery- which is probably a good thing, as it consisted of donning a cake full of slap everyday and wearing heels Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Yep, that’s the imaginary me running for the bus, after a long day of convincing a customer that the ‘peep hole’, isn’t only a phrase used for the open toed shoe. 

So you if you hadn’t guessed already I was feeling a little **** but my luck has somewhat changed, I’ll tell you more about that soon.


My birthday, well I taught a few classes in the morning- I know this doesn’t quite co-inside with the whole job hunting, but  I teach only a couple of classes a week, looking for part time stuff- ok seriously BORING myself now loooolllll!!!

Back to birthday, I saw in ‘Time Out’ that Polo Bar were giving out FREE meals from 9-6 OMG Just look at this! My breakie, Roll me outta ‘ere please!!!!!


Went for a run in and around London Bridge, beautiful, I even took a quick pic to prove it lol…God, time really does fly doesn’t it? But I’m good, I feel very much human right now, I’ve no super powers, no enforced meme to be greater than I have the strength for, no rush….I’m just cruising trying to get by, with a minuscule plan to get ahead and that’s….

To keep the **** going without looking back.

Hip hip hooray, and one for luck!

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See you soon, with updated competitions post ;-]



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