What’s this? Your book queue is decreasing!

Yes Peeps! My book queue is lessening, and it might be to do with the fact that I’m beginning to READ them at long last haaa!!!


Having read a fair few young adult stuff recently, I’m trying to hit the Chapter book market -with a tinge of Mid Grade thrown in- as this is the type of reader I’m writing for at present. I think if you’re writing in a particular genre, age group etc reading kind goes hand in hand of what you’re trying to achieve as a writer, and to get your manuscript reasonably bang on, you’ll need to do your homework.

For me, I’m starting to understand more about who this type of reader is, what’s appropriate, what isn’t, which themes are being explored? All the while, keeping abreast of what’s currently out there on the shelves.

It’s definitely proving useful, from analysing varied use of POV, plot, and how a relatively short story -like that of a Chapter book- can unfold- yes, reading a bit of everything is great- but I’m finding this way I’m less distracted, and more focused on what’s important -or not- to a kid of that age. 


It’s funny, prior to streamlining my reading like this, I found that my 10 yr old protagonist was slipping into some very weird adult territory, and the voice was getting waaay too muddled. So I decided to stick it in a draw for a couple of weeks, re-read it, then scrap it, then start over, and let’s just say were all the better for it.  

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What are you learning about reading other peoples books?


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