Elvis ain’t dead, he’s dancing with me.

I’ts boiling today, but I believe it was even hotter over the weekend. I went to the FREE summer festival at Alexandra palace with my beautiful sister. Oh, did I mention it was a beer festival? Haaaaa!

The food was sweeet! She had halloumi fries, and I had this Thai thingymejig which was tasty as, and of course we had to try the beer.

We heard some great bands play, and got to watch some live graffiti…

And then we had a dance- well I did while my sister laughed her head off. Look, I was just an innocent bystander, when out of nowhere I was thrust- quite literally into a Mike Myers movie, where Elvis was the star of the show, heeelp!!! 

Phew! And then y’know what? Because it was so much fun, we went back the very next day!

Cheers! And happy writing x

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What will you be getting up to next weekend? 


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