Getting to know your home

I’ve been writing a childrens series for a while now, but have been struggling with the ‘world building’ part of it, it’s starting to come together with daily mind numbing thought, and I’ve even started an adventurous miniture version of it which is forming, in an old shoe box-I’ll show you one day, it’s nothing genius, but it is helping me get to grips with how I want this world to feel in my story.

Right now London, my home is feeling pretty weird, I find myself putting the news on in the morning with a tentative click, unsure of what violent siege has occurred while I’ve been tucked up, counting sheep. It’s pretty shitty.

Politics is really not my forte, meaning if somehow I got into a debate about your Left and your Rights, your Reds and your Blues, I’d be the girl crawling on her knees towards the door. Having said that I don’t believe in sitting on the fence, to me having an opinion is better than not. As this poster I took in Borough recently suggests, we’re never going to agree on everything, but these differences surely have to fade into oblivion when people, kids are dying.

And my opinion is that killing the innocent to make a statement is not the answer, not at a concert in Manchester…

Not on a Bridge in London….

and not near a mosque in Finsbury park….It’s truly devastating for all involved.

The fire at Grenfell tower wasn’t a terror attack, but again lives were taken, and a definite injustice was inflicted on those residents who’s cries were not heard in the face of austerity, appeasing those with the cash with asthetically pleasing, and highly flammable cladding. Like so many I watched it on T.V and felt completely helpless….Especially as it was still burning, while the newsreader gave blurry details of the horrific event.

So last week I went o Holland Park to help volunteer….Which is all I saw, community volunteers, local people pulling their weight. There was one official lady with a alluminous vest on, but there was no one else and it was chaos, if you were bossy like me you were arranging and delegating, trying to answer questions as best you could, but the truth was, it was a frigging disaster…

No one knew what to do, where the donations were going, if the donations were going to storage or directly to the victims, I mean I hope it’s better now, but it really was an utter shambles.

I’m not surprised at the anger that’s seeping out, homes have been burnt down to a cinders, lives lost…However, amidst all the madness, the love among all involved was deafening, I could hear it in the few I interacted with, egos had been thrown out of the window, and they were hell bent on making the best out of a very bad situation, the resilience was unreal.

This sentiment clearly followed through to a heaving Borough market, when I was there last Friday, it was as if everyone had collectively stuck their two fingers up at terrorism and said:

‘Y’know what? Eff that, I’m gonna sit here with my mates, wolf down a scotch egg, and there’s not one thing you can do to make me fearful of that’

This is why I love home so much, because we’re a force to be reckoned with, we won’t be bullied and force fed this bulls*** violent behaviour.

And we never will.

A buzzing Borough market after suicide attack.

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Love to those victims all over the world that have been targeted by terrorists and the like, stand together, hold hands together, stay strong forever. 


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