Oh yeah, it’s the Stoke Newington Literary Festival!

Why didn’t you stop me huh? Why didn’t anyone STOP me? I had it all planned out, to sit and have lunch on this sunny Saturday afternoon- after of course, lapping up as many scrumptious literary events as I could. But nooo you let me loose, and I ended up buying more books, with only enough cash to buy a doughnut at the end of it! GRRRRR

Here’s me talking in a calm, and mellow kind of way about today’s events lol!

Please ignore what looks like a drunken thumbnail of me under the influence of a jug of tequila, and possibly the shocking site of Nigel Farage’s bottom, it may get better when you press play- but I ain’t making any promises.

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If you were there, tell me what you enjoyed the most :-]


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