Picture book review: ‘Good little wolf’ by Nadia Shireen

Nadia Shireen’s ‘Good little wolf’ is such a fantastic twist on the whole big bad wolf idea, that old familiar yarn that’s been hammered into us, since that book about three little pigs took off and did pretty well for itself.

In Shireen’s version, Rolf lives with old Mrs Boggins, he’s well behaved and eats his vegetables, he is a good little wolf. So when he meets a huge, SCARY looking wolf that tells him all wolves are meant to be bad so therefore he isn’t one, Rolf goes out of his way to prove him wrong. This is where the fun really kicks in with Rolf exercising his BAD side, although in only a few attempts- including trying to blow down a pigs house, or squeaking  I mean, howling at the moon, he fails miserably.

In the end cute, wholesome Rolf does change, but is it for the better? And does that big bad bully of a wolf get what’s coming to him?

Well, in a superb twisty, turny ending you must read it to find out, the illustrations and text are clear, quirky and fun!

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I loved it and you will too.


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