A weekend to remember

Weekends are over waaay too quickly for my liking, which is why making most of the time is paramount.

Whether it be sitting around in your sweats all day watching Game of thrones, or running across Hampstead heath like your life depended on it…Or, or you could hang out with friends, drink a cold one, and eat lots of cake. Then try your very best not to say goodbye, to one of the most incredible people you know.

Miss Peroni you are insanely amazing, when people talk about following their hearts….

When they say believe in yourself…

To not care about what others think

To be themselves…

I believe you are that every single day. You have been my mother, my confident, my sister, and my rebel in the most raucous way possible. You have undeniably challenged me at every turn, and I have hated you for it, you have pushed me creatively and emotionally, and if I had a blade I would have fought you tooth and nail about it…You made me look in the mirror a hundred times over but…

I’d only bury my head in your shoulders, and that’s why I can only love you for it.

And I guess, that’s why you my dear, are the reason I am no longer a Three.

Now you’re going on to pastures new, to spread your shining light over all that will surround you, sure it won’t all be jamon y olives- but if you play your cards right, it’ll be close.  

This is a completely selfish post I know, there’s no advice, or witty book charm to reveal,  no devastating writers block, or other shocking writery news. No, This is just about me and my mate, the type of person everyone should have in their lives, because laughing at nothing, is pretty much everything.  







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