Picture book review: Ellie’s magic wellies

‘Ellie’s magic Wellies’ by Amy Sparkes and Nick East is a fun, rhyming, playful book, about a girl who meets a mischievous purpley creature called Flibberty Gibberty when SPLASH!! she jumps into a puddle. Yes! Her bored days are over, when she finds out that her wellies have magical powers, however will Ellie use them for the good, when her new found friend creates a MAHOOSIVE mess at home.

This book is a great little cheeky offering, it moves fast and quick across the page with lots of colour and zest. It’s definitely reminiscent of Dr Suess’s Cat in the hat, great news for the modern day reader!

https://www.waterstones.com/book/ellies-magic-wellies/amy-sparkes/nick-east/9781405273794 Enjoy x

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What picture books with magic can you recommend, we want to know!!! lol x



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