Last night was awesome!!!

When my sisters and I get together it’s great fun, yes there’s the little short lived squabbles, the occasional eyeball roll, and not to forget the pokes and jab sisterly code. But other than that, we get on incredibly well. 

So the middle sister has been trying to get my nose out of the books for a couple of hours, and show me her love for Swing-

Dancing guys, dancing, arr you are a dirty lot! Anywaaay, last night I did it, after 6 months or so of being nagged asked, I rocked up with my beginners ‘help me!’ gaze and tiny silver bow studded earrings and. it. was. goooood.

I had so much fun, there was a beginners class to start with, then a live band came out afterwards with brilliant singers, for a big sweaty heaving Swing patrol bash! Here’s a little bit for you to enjoy, just ignore me going mental for 5 sec’s of the film, I was so excited lol :-]

Do you remember I mentioned in my ‘Sitting next to Quentin Blake’ post that I thought it was not only important to work at crafting your craft, but also observe and live a little too, well, this was just the start of the latter.

My feet are still wiggling haaa!

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What have you been doing away from the books, that makes you happy?


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