You can do more than you think….

It’s always scary to start something new, but when you do you can open up an avalanche of surprises. This is what I call living.


The scary, the say what??? and the wonderful all neatly folded into a tight corner of the mind, that portion we mostly only dream of unveiling to ourselves. Confessing to the world usually comes much later, well for me anyway.

I think coping with the first is the worst, fear has a lot to do with getting jammed in the starting blocks, letting all your cool ‘maybes’ sink to the bottom of your converse. What a waste, I mean it really is when you think about it.

The huffington post

Recently I started to log my own mini achievements, the good, the bad and the didn’t quite work out :-] but tried anyway, and when I look back at it I can’t quite believe it, so much has happened….I’m not talking about climbing a mountain or swimming the Nile here. Just things like, reading my work out in public, completing unfinished books and creating new ones, becoming more efficient at the plotting process, averaging reading 3-4 books a week…And going to my first swing class, tonight! 

Swing patrol

So I ask you writers, poets, illustrators, mums, dads, artists, mathematicians, and Costa coffee workers.

What do you want to do differently today or any other day? Big question I know. Maybe have a look at this cute dog & cat for a wee while, before making up your mind, but not for too long, otherwise you might miss your surprise. lol


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Let me know what you decide, I’ll be right here…



2 thoughts on “You can do more than you think….

  1. YES!!! Thanks for this, I’m trying a new scary thing and I’m trying to remind myself of all these things. I love the Adele quote, and the log idea. I think I might do that. Enjoy your swing class, looks amazing. And, just because I’m nosy, who’s that in your pocket?


    • Well, I hope that the new and scary thing you’re trying works out Katherine, whatever is it remember to stay calm and to enjoy it!
      The log came about because I didn’t want to spend time writing long diary entries, but a single line in a notebk, of when significant shifts in my life occured seemed doable. Try it, it’s so weird to look back on 🙂
      Oh, and in my pocket I have pencils and my spotty thinking bird 🐦


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