Sitting next to Quentin Blake

If I’ve had a late one on the weekend, I’ll usually doss down at a mates house then in the morning head to the library in Clapton, it has a nice childrens section bean bags the lot. On a normal day I’ll go to my usual in Haringey, which is usually heaving with ‘Snifflers’ those whose job it is to annoy the f*** out of their neighbour and do a damn good job of it ‘Go get a tissue already!’. But on special occasions when I can afford to go out of town, it’s The British Library.

Little bay farringdon

Getting something down when faced with a blank surface can be a real push to say the least, but being habitual with the whole thing seems to be working, and the more I push, the more I wanna know how far I can go, that’s until I go nuts and throw a wobbly. If only for a second.

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The day before yesterday I had a good 4 hour stint of non-stop tapping of the keys, in a drafty corner of the British library. After which I stood up to go for a stroll, but was surprised to realise that I was sitting besides half of the reason why I’m in this sorrowful mess as a ‘writer’ in the first place :-]….The other half being, Roald Dahl. 

Yes to my left, Mr Quentin Blake was exhibiting ten wonderful pieces to mark the 100th anniversary of the birth of Dahl what a treat! Like many others, I remember reading ‘Charlie and the chocolate factory’ under the covers, when told to turn out the lights. Although, to this day I still don’t know whether it was the story that was keeping me transfixed, or the chocolate. 

But as Easter is fast approaching, I think I’ll say the latter.


What I’m really trying to say with this post is that, as much as I’m enjoying reading and writing, and I am very much enjoying it. Looking up and living in the present is just as important, I mean, if I hadn’t gotten up to stretch my legs, I would have left the building, and not been any the wiser at what was illuminating beside me.

Taking in and observing your surroundings for me, are as much part of the process as anything else. Stuff like, having one too many and falling into a bunch of bins, hooking up with friends from out of town and getting up to all sorts of mischief, or even, on occasion meeting eyes with Joe public, all have its place in the archives, right?*Don’t make me feel bad, just nod your head, yes, keep on nodding lol*

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Happy Easter everyone!


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