Weekend Book Classic: Stig of the dump

Barney is warned not to go near the chalk pit close to his grandparents house, which of course, is all the more reason to go and investigate. 

So when he finds himself falling down the bottom of a dark junk ridden hole, and meets a strange caveman, he has no idea what’s in store for him.

The Telegraph

The simple but engaging text- which for the majority involves only two characters, who don’t speak the same language is intriguing. It really is a charming tale about turning junk into practical wonders, discovering the unknown and building a truly unlikely friendship.

I understand now, why this book has been revered for so long…Because it’s a genuine classic.

Time for me to go on my weekend Finsbury Park run, then back for a cuppa and the smell of a new book.

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What are you reading this weekend?


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