Book events, and Festivals! April-June 2017

Hello Peeps,

How did you get along with those competitions, I so graciously dished out the last time we spoke? I hope you got stuck in and sent something off *taps wrist* of course I’m only bringing it up, because I did actually take my own advice and enter one myself, otherwise I would’ve quite rightly brisked over the matter lol.

Anyhow I really enjoyed it, working to a deadline and eventually pressing SEND, it’s what every writer needs at some point, a good swift kick up the- Well, you get the picture…ONWARDS!



28th April- 7th May

I thought I was a bit tardy for the party on this one but I’m not, yay! The Hexam book fest is chocco block with some awesome author events, just click on the link to see for yourself. I would- if I wasn’t holding a blunt butter knife in my hand, I’d stab myself in the toe to be apart of it all- But I won’t, because I like my toes too much, oh my god stop talking about toes woman!!!

But seriously this book fest looks great, I especially like the look of Keith Stuarts event ‘Boy made of blocks’ 4th May, and Lemn Nissay new collection of poetry ‘Gold from the stone’ 28th April.

The Greenwich book festival


Literary festivals

26th-27th May

The events for this long sumptuous weekend in Greenwich, are still being finalised so you may not find anything on their website right away. Be sure to head back there, not miss out.


Image result for The Hays book festival

25th May – 4th June 

The full Hay programme will be available in the Spring, but if you want to make sure that you have a spot, then early bird tickets can be pecked up- see what I did there- in the link below.

Highlights I imagine will be, Mr Paul Beatty author and winner of the 2016 Man booker prize ‘The sellout’, and the already-soz-sold out talk with Stephen Fry. But not to worry, there’ll be loads more to get your teeth into.


Festivals families will enjoy.

28th April-1st May

This Bookfest is definitely one for you and the kids, Horrible histories illustrator Martin Brown will be there, plus senior model maker Jim Parkyn from aardman, will be getting his hands dirty with a bit of clay modeling.

Lots of interactive fun, and creativity to enjoy.

World book day

Sat 13th – Sun 14th May

The Barnes childrens literature festival is packed full of bookish goodness too, Floella Benjamin, Abie Longstaff, Alan macdonald and Sarah Macintyre, AND Tony Ross to name but a few, will all be there to make you smile, with a few surprises and no doubt a box  full of bookish delights.

O.k before we get stuck into events, I need to roll around on some fluffy carpet…

Ok, I’m ready!

A mixed bag of Events

inspirations wholesale

2nd April 

Meet the authors- ladybird books for grown ups

Authors Jason Hazeley and Joel Morris will be discussing how this traditional, institutional book has been made relevant to today’s readers.


5th April 

The bailey prize book bar: The shortlist readings at lunch time.

Why not go out and do something different…Baileys is the new Pret dont’cha know?




4th May

Karrie Fransman: The power and potential for comics and graphic novels.

Discover why we’re entering the golden age of comics, with graphic novelist Karrie Fransman in Wrexham.


That’s all folks, until next time that is. Come back and rub our faces in all the stuff you enjoyed, I’m sure we’ll all love to know!


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