When writing is good…


I’m ecstatic!!!!!! 

After coming back from my writing class I was spinning off the ceiling, why? why? I don’t know why I just love it, I could speak about children’s books for days. I love the discussions we have even the irritable ones, the problem solving, the listening to other peoples work, the group, arrrrh the group is so lovely and yes I am happy peeps, I am well and truly stoked for that very reason.

I’ve finally found a place where I belong, and guess what they haven’t kicked me out yet. Tequila anyone???


Sat down to write an idea that came to me in the middle of crossing the road, I totally could’ve killed myself. But who care’s when I managed to plot and write that sucker down in about two hours! Inevitably it needs a good edit and clean but c’mon, that doesn’t happen often.

The words were furiously coming out of my pores and I just had to get it out of me, and the BEST thing was, even though I knew what I wanted to write, there were all these pockets of surprises popping up from nowhere, like little furry mole heads taking a peak into the outside world.


Don’t worry Dumbledore I’ll definitely be sharing a post about the dark side too, but for now can’t I go at this thing as if I’ve eaten a unicorn of marshmallows, and don’t know any better….Pleeease.

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Where’s the strangest place you’ve ever come up with a book idea?



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