Writers: All Coffee and Turkish delight, I don’t think so…


I’ve been at the desk all this week throwing myself into researching, jobbing, writing, soon to be submitting…..And it’s hard work. Feel a bit worse for wear today though, watching Eat Pray Love yesterday probably didn’t help matters; but yes, if you’re wondering I am enjoying it, in a weird ‘Shut off from the world’ kinda way….I really am. 

Last Thurs

The girls-my sisters- bought me this pad for Christmas, I got it out for the first time last week…Haaa Think I may have to draw in it at some point.

Right now…

Don’t you just hate plotting when it’s going wrong, and love plotting when it’s going right?  Oh the POST ITS!!!!

I wrote Three picture books last month, in total there’s now four in the series. An idea for a chapter book series has been worming around in my head, so want to get started on that tomorrow, and I’m doing the last proofread on my current book before it flies its wings. 

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What do you reckon have I earned a coffee and a chalky piece of delight yet?


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