Picture Book Review: The day the crayons came home


The day the crayons came home’ is the crayontastic bestselling sequel to ‘The day the Crayons quit’. Hitting the same funny spots as the first, where a bunch of NEW waxy colours have each decided to write a postcard to Duncan- their owner- to ask for help.

Why? Because they’ve either been forgotten, lost or worse still abandoned. How would you feel if you were Glow in the dark crayon and was left in a scary basement or like neon pink crayon forgotten by the pool on holiday? You would want to come home too.

This really is a great follow up from creative duo Drew Daywalt and Oliver Jeffers, it pings all the right notes and even brings back some of our old favourites, like Orange and Yellow crayon who argued about who the true colour of the sun was.

But whether it’s revisiting old friends or reading about fresh new ones, this book is certain to leave no one behind.

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If you were a Crayon which colour would you be and why? Drop a comment in the welcome box below!


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