Writers: Getting to know your author rights

Ok so I’m the aspiring, not quite there, but feel every bit the writer as for example *Ahem* Maya Angelou, YES I am indeed walking through a delusional pink haze and I must say it feels particularly fluffy.

I just thought, whether I’m there yet or not I should do myself a favour and find out where the hell it is I’m going by adorning some trojan like amour. So I’ve been out for a wee Hansel and Gretal walk in search of those common pitfalls, to gain more of an understanding of my rights as a creative.

Meanwhile you lucky lucky things get to sit back put your feet up and scoff on a bacon buttie, or a vegan bean wrap, or whatever it is that gets you in the mood- NOOOOOH not that, wait until I’m gone to do that.


Getting to know your accredited writers bodies

The balance

I’ve done the hard bit, but I recommend that you do your own research, go on site, talk to others and find out their experiences before you commit to any of the suggestions highlighted below. 

The writers guild…


They are a union which offers protection against exploitation, ill treatment and/or harassment. Giving sound advice, and contractual vetting, for both UK writers here and abroad, they have been able to help debut and seasoned professionals in T.V, Radio, animation, drama, comics, video games, books and poetry. It’s worth a sneak peak at their site and membership schemes to see what they’re up to.


The Society of authors


Weaver words

Is not only a fantastic hub for writers, illustrators and translators to go to for useful advice and support. They campaign and lobby for authors rights offering grants and guides on tax, copyright, accountancy and any sticky legal issues you may have to deal with.


I also LOVE their group page where events and social gathering are highlighted, check out the link below it’s for childrens writers and illustrators. 


The copyright licensing agency

The copyright licensing agency

It’s common knowledge that once you’ve put your name to an original piece of work that you own, it’s automatically protected by you. But what if you’re using someone else’s work or want to know more about international policies. Then this simple, friendly hub will soften the overload of unnecessary jargon and get you started.  



The writers and artists handbook

This book is a MUST for the writer/illustrator, it isn’t so much a book about your rights, but it has got amazing tips that those who aren’t on that published shelf-like moi- could use.

The thing is, most of the times when you want to become a member of one of these things, it seems you can only join if your published *I’m soo sticking my nose up in the air right now lol* But then who’s looking out for you, shoot- whose looking out for me! Well, this book is the biz and take it from me, it highlights a lot of things to look out for when you’re starting out.

Don’t skip stuff and head straight to the Agents and pubs bit. Read it ‘cos it’s worth it.


Getting to know your Gut head

Margie Warrell

It’s a controversial one I know, but that sinking omg feeling isn’t there for nout. Yes, sometimes our intuition is off kilter absolutely, but you’ll agree about 95% of the time it’s generally on the money.

I think you have to be present with both gut, and head, asking yourself logically and practically what’s right for me, right now? Do I feel good about this and if not the next question should be What are my rights? 

That’s when you start using your gut head, I’m telling yer it’s a potent combo.

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Any views on the subject would be most welcome!



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