Part 1: Whoopee World book day has arrived!


This morning was a mad rush to get things sorted for the lots of fun World book day, shirt, hair, lantern, animal fur-Hagrids not mine, and a box of raisins which I was going to use to blacken my front teeth with, because as you know the famous ‘Amazing Grace’ has lost a few of hers. 

So yes boys and girls I couldn’t review that book this week and not want to jump at the chance to be in it, even if it was just for the day. How do you think I did? Not bad for a *CLASHING SYMBOLS* year old ladee lol.





But the real star of the show was my nephew who went from small boy to the GINORMOUS Hagrid on a…… 



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I’m off to read at his school today, it’s a theme of magic and wizards, I hope I don’t embarrass him….Paaa ha ha! I can’t even keep a straight face when I say that.


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