Part two: World book day 2017!


‘It was the most embarrassing day of my life…’ grumbled Hagrid Sorry my nephew when I went to him pick up from school today, yep you heard right, and in addition to that he apparently kept his coat on for most of it after having *ahem* a slight wardobe malfunction- which was a too big at waist trouser, trouser not staying up, trouser slipping down trouser leg type of thing.



Hmm This type of behaviour doesn’t bode well for taking part next year, unbeknown to his fanatical border line crazy competitive mother- my sister, who I can easily say that about as I’m pretty much the same bracket. Yes ‘Best dressed costume’ is up for grabs and we have had high hopes! Lol   







These pictures posted are some that we took before he had a chance to pull off his costume, and play a game in the hallway he liked to call ‘Burn, fire burn’. 

He’s growing up what can I say, I mean I’m totally fine with it… Totally

Actually can you leave me now…..I need to go bawl in a corner.

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In keeping with the wizardy witchy theme, here’s the book that I read at his school today beware one and all ‘Winne The Witch’ by the brilliant Valerie Thomas and Korky Paul is on the loose!

Hope you had a fab world book day peeps!

Did you dress up if so who did you go as, I’d love to know, pop a comment in the show off box below ;-]


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