Who can I dress up as, without playing the animal card?


Earlier today I went to catch up with a friend of mine, and after our steaming hot coffees had arrived I told her how excited I was for World book day, but there was a problem. I had no idea which character to channel and so wanted to know if her ‘well read’ brain could think of a cool black heroine I could play…..

‘Erm…So there’s….’ she starts.

‘Uh huh’ I nod.

‘Well, I mean there’s also, what’s that kids name again?’

‘Oh yeah er….No, no it’s gone’ We shake our heads in unison then burst out laughing.

‘Oh my god that is sooo bad’ 

‘I know, but I mean there is a lot more out there now’ I somehow manage to bite my middle fingernail off its hinge.

‘Really, is there?’

‘Erm…Not really, no’ We laugh again.

‘You could be the Gruffalo’

‘Or an underpant wearing dinosaur!’

‘Or an inanimate object…What about an out of work Crayon!’

‘I AM an out of work Crayon…’

At this point all we can do is wet ourselves.

So not funny and yet you can’t help but laugh-seriously no offence to the amazing books referred to above- but I would hope that there would be more than a handful of recognisable human characters with my skin colour to choose from, but there just isn’t.

I’ve been twiddling my thumbs for days now, wondering which well known misfit I could dress up as, and yes I could rake up a practically anonymous unsung hero from this world of stories but to be honest why am I still looking out there in the back when there’s room enough out here in the front. I’m so over this boring discussion now really, I mean this shouldn’t be a game of ‘token’ numbers made up by the very privileged, it should be the **BEEP*** norm.

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If you wanna guess who I choose in the end, write in the welcome box below and let me know x





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