World Book Day Review: Amazing Grace


‘Amazing Grace’ by Mary Hoffman is about a young black girl called Grace who shows an interest in the make believe world of acting, but when she puts up her hand to play Peter pan in the upcoming school play, her classmates let her know that she doesn’t quite fit the role.

This isn’t only a great piece of story telling it’s brilliantly illustrated by Caroline Binch, the water coloured pictures are a yummy rich and exude character throughout. 


I love that this book doesn’t pussy foot around the subject of gender or race, neither does it toss in heavy sighs of ‘worthy’ advice, it just tells her story which in itself is impact enough.

This isn’t a classic for no reason other than the fact it really is very good; and 25 years on or so this still has to be one of my absolute fav’s, I just wish there were more like it out there.

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I know I’m a little early but, Happy World book day!





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