Rock Bands & Pancakes


So here I am lulling away the day being made to feel extra special with a plateful of pancakes, and god they were good pancakes! This has made me think of how I’m gonna rock out my own batter this upcoming pancake day, perhaps with blueberries, or cream or jam…. 



Selfie madness ensues -this pic was one of at least 20!- it was for the awesome hypothetical rock band we were trying to create, still trying to figure out whether to play bass or drums even though I’m proficient in neither. What do you think we should be called?



No time for throwing the flat screen out the window, going to the cave to finish reading this once upon a time banned bad boy….See you soon phonies! lol 

Etsy: Oak bookmark

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Out of interest what’s the most rock n roll thing you’ve done? I once jumped the gates of the Phoenix festival and met Paul Weller…





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