Chilling out with David Hockney



img_20170220_213041I love it when a mates got spare tickets to go and see one of the best British artists in town *pats fro* It just makes a girl feel so spesh, y’know whot I mean???

Thanks babe! 

Ok so my accent maybe a horrible Towie fake lol, but this exhibition sure as hell wasn’t, seriously it was nothing short of amazing, from the moment we walked in we were captivated.


If you want to be inspired, please go and see this, yes the tickets are a little bit pricey and I understand not everyone has a mate with a freebie, but if you can you have to GO.


 They display some of his best work over a period of 60 years with seamless ease; you’ll see his development throughout time come to life, from abstraction, portraits, photography to those famous LA swimming pools, and his embrace of new technology. Urgh, I wanna go back just thinking about it.

Hockney is showing at the Tate Britain until 29 May 2017

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