Writers: Getting to know your Doubt


Sorry guys I’m crumbling a bit, I’m taking huge deep breaths for no reason because everything’s troubling me, the writing, the world, everything.

Ok, so as well as still being out of work, out of home and out of the gym *Stuffs another cream bun in her mouth lol* None of that really matters in comparison to the last session I had on my writing course, I know I’m so dramatic, but just hear me out will you.  

So, we were encouraged to talk about a work in progress [we were basically pitching] and had to go around the room to hear each others ideas, everyone had some really good stuff to share and lots of positive feedback, but then it was my turn and…..

I sort of fell apart, it was bitty, incohesive, and worst of all it RYHMED! [That’s another post altogether]

Despite the above gif, I’m laughing out loud as I write this because in no way am I telling this for you to tilt your head and say Arr. It is what is, and it wasn’t good peeps, I’m not gonna lie, its just that I get SO stupidly nervous. Definitely something to work on. So these tips that I’m gonna dish out, are not only for you but for me too.

Getting to know your pitch

As I’m still in my infancy when it come to this, it’s only fair that I share what the experts say on the matter, and take note lol!

Helpful tips on picthing


Pitch questions you may have…


Getting to know your style

I remember when I read Caitlin Morans debut book ‘Chronicles of Narmo’ which she wrote when she was only 15, I was struck by how she used similies and metaphors, it was MENTAL in a good way, and Gillian Flynn who’s world I’m always so easily sucked into, has a brilliantly economic but deadly voice. Goody for them right? But what about you, can you ever write like that? I doubt it, and I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy your book if you did. I’d like to purchase an original YOU thank you very much! And I reckon if you’re willing to sit at your desk to find out just who that is. The rest will come.

Getting to know your competition

Ok so this is something I do do, I read loads. Some classics, some I’ve been recommended, but mostly up to date stuff- which I think is the way to go. You want to connect with what’s out there, what get’s your motor going so to speak, getting a better idea of  WHO your audience is, I mean there’s a reason why a bestseller is a bestseller and knowing what is on the market is crucial, not in a copy, follow the leader kinda way but in a savvy, feed your mind, writer kinda way.

Reading is like a mad and wonderful school where anything can happen, you can learn so much from it.

Getting to know your doubt 

I think knowing more about what it takes to be writer, which mostly consists of DOING IT is when confidence can start to bloom. There is always going to be someone who you think does it better, who’s got their style down, and is pitch perfect, but if you’re in it for the long haul it won’t be long until you’re part of that competition.

But for me right now that doubt stuff is creeping all over my skin, I don’t know if what I’m doing’s right, I don’t know if working hard- is enough, I don’t know if I can make anything out of anything really…But is that the point?

That, no one’s supposed to know.

Because if it is that’s great, yeah…Quite comforting, I mean if I’m gonna come out of the other end of this with scratches and burns I’d be much happier knowing I wasn’t alone in the furnace.

[And you thought I was sweetie pie! [MWAA HA HA HA!!!]

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Ill see you on the other side :-]


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