The Childrens Laureate

The alligators mouth

After seeing Chris Riddell on stage last week and all of his awesome guests, I got yet another surprise when I was handed this free book ‘My little book of big freedoms’ illustrated by the man himself. This timely pocket sized read is about helping children to understand their basic human rights, something that I think you’re never to old to know about.


It can be a scary time for children growing up in the world where there is much crisis and war, but starting in your own back yard has to be the way forward; letting them know they can ask questions and start a conversation is so very important.                                            


‘No one has the right to hurt or torture us’ Chris Riddell.


Knowledge is most definitely power and Riddells beautiful drawings depict each right with such skill and simplicity.

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Check out the newest of Chris’s collaborations with none other than Neil Gaiman.

It’s a beautiful book…



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