Who are these friends anyway?


There is no more elaboration than that when you buy a ticket to see Chris Riddell and friends, and in actually fact it clashed with another event I wanted to see. But I thought just get it, I’ve heard SO many good things about the current childrens laureate, it’s bound to be fun! But jeez was that an understatement.img_20170215_162603

Riddell starts by introducing each member of his panel with a quirky anecdote and the audience gasp with hand on mouth as they emerge. I’m so stoked right now I cant contain myself. So I promised to tell you who I had the pleasure of seeing yesterday DRUM ROLL please!!! ONLY Liz Pichon, Posey Simmons, Cressida Cowell and AND….


Mr Neil Gaiman, Oh dear lord!!! Can you believe it, I couldn’t and I was there lol. So here’s a snipet I managed to film of him reading an excerp from his book ‘Unfortunately for the milk’ -which I’ll review soon!- While Chris Riddell the illustrator draws in the background. Apologies, I couldn’t manage to pick up any of what he’d drawn which was a beautiful, angelic ‘pony’ and if you’re familiar with the story it will make complete sense. But I figured something was better than nothing. 

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