Today I am here, and tomorrow I’ll tell you who I met!


Surrounded by a heap of small children and their tired families at the South Bank, I’m forced to weave through the crowd. I head over to buy a ticket from a slightly irritated cashier but once she realises I’m able to make a quick decision, its amazing how the irritable crease falls from her forehead and slips down to her mouth, I’m a relieved to see her smile, I’m NOT so relieved to find out that the money on my card is dropping exceedingly lower, and I will have to face the real world soon.  


NO more books, and No more events I say to myself as I walk around Jasmin Anoschkins bold and beautiful sculptures.


I really should listen to that part of my brain I think, while whacking the side of my head with an imaginary wooden spoon.

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Please come back tomorrow so I can tell you the fabulous surprise I got today!



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