That Lion love


I didn’t want to go, especially after my last experience to the cinema when seeing highly acclaimed La La Land was not good, I hated La La Land, sluggishly slow, hapless, and lazy, I mean how many times can you reprise a piece of music I know, I know you guys loved it.

I didn’t.

So as my sister and I squeeze into the red creaky seats and feel the weight of the lights go down, I brace myself. However, by the first 20 mins I have to discreetly wipe my face, I’m watching as five year old protagonist Saroo is getting further and further away from home, he is lost. And I am lost with him.


The film ‘Lion’ is about that finding home, and it’s becoming abundantly clear that everyone in the movie theatre are just as invested in the story of this little boys struggle as I am, I’d go as far as to say that we became his parents, his friends, his shadow, we were ready to reach out and give him a place to stay in our damp council flat in Hounslow, this is how powerful it was, how tangible it became, it somehow held you by the thin skin of your neck and dragged you in.


The fantastic performances and well thought out scenes made room for delicate intricacies, such as Saroo miming in perfect Chaplin-esqe style his desperate need for food, by mirroring a man eating his lunch in a nearby cafe, to the flapping pale butterflies he’s swarmed with in the first shot.

pin up picks pen up

I also liked that it was refreshingly un-rushed or bomb blasted with Hollywood tinsel, the reel seemed to roll flat on its back with no awkward flashbacks, no weird obscurities– which don’t get me wrong I can be quite partial to, no, it was purposeful, every dusty step of it, placed while being displaced, the build, the world, the plot urgh! Soooo good. Let’s just say I cared, and so did the woman beside me plucking at her transparent tissue….

Flitto content

This is a story about love, and for someone who is presently picking hers off the floor piece by piece I’d like to think I’d recognise if it ever brushed its hand against mine again. What would be the point of writing one more word if I didn’t? 

I know this blog is mostly childrens book related, and you’re probably wondering why I wrote a post about it, but I had to…Because everything about how this story is told is the reason why I write.

It’s just so damn good, there’s no doubt that I unequivocally trusted all that it told me, until it hung weightlessly in the darkness. I urge everyone to go and see it, but most of all writers; This is a master class in simply showing you the story instead of telling it. And boy is there a difference.

If you do go take tissues you’re gonna need them.

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Happy Valentines day.



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