Writers: Top five ways you can benefit from social media


What’s the story with this seriously?

Ok so, I was speaking to a publisher after an event not so long ago and after a while she asked…

Do you do much social media for your writing?

Hmmm, I try to but there’s so much out there and time’s a bi-

How many followers do you have?




Babbling: I mean, I was never head-girl if you know what I mean, and as for now I don’t reckon I’ll ever get that popularity click for being all glossed up and cutesy and hey my real name’s Zoella, nope, don’t think that’ll change…. *Wild chuckling ensues*

Oh. Right.

Silence…..Not gonna lie stings a bit. 

At this point someone behind me begins practising the Hiemlich maneuver. I blame the volovents wild chuckling has nothing to do with it.

So why does this sort of thing matter?

One word SALES

An invested following have already invested in you meaning they already want your paperback, your hardback, your workshop on sock puppeteering the lot, those guys & gals are the ones who are more than willing to dig in their pockets and root for someone they think they know over someone they don’t know at all.

How can you build a following?

These days to be taken seriously you have to jump on board the BRAND wagon, be a perfume, be a presenter, be an expert, be a charismaic t**t. I dunno, all I know is that knowing who you are, what you want to say should be given careful consideration, then and only then can you really explore this thing.

Personally, it can feel like one BIG personality contest which doesn’t excite me at all. Sure, I would like to be a known writer but there’s a lot of pressure to be LIKED nowadays before you even begin. How much people BUY into you and your work is almost a pre-requisite to getting plucked off those dormant shelves and placed on the bestsellers list– which is why celebrity’s have been doing such a cracking job.

What if the persona you create doesn’t get you traffic to your site[s]?

You can do all the work you want from understanding SEO’s to igniting a few firecrackers, but if the world smells a cake load of FAKE you’ll be dropped like a hot potato. So hey here’s something crazy, why not try being authentically you, it’s a real game changer believe me, you’ll feel better about what you put out there instead of hiding in the bushes.

Top five ways you can BENEFIT from putting yourself on the social media map.


1.Be consistent-something I’ve definitely struggled with in the past- if blogging’s your thing DO IT, if you instagram or youtube DO IT, and if you want to be heard just bloomin’ DO IT. Don’t let that thing grow too many cobwebs, you’re building a community that like what you’re doing, you want them to come back.


2. You’ll most likely meet like-minded people in your field, this is great because you can share tips and information you may not have heard about otherwise.

Your platform

3. You will be able to show off visible content that is indicative of your style, your thoughts, your voice, which will ALWAYS be different to someone else’s, erm, hello that’s why we love you.

Those who GET YOU

4. You will create a fan base that will begin to like what you do- and even if they don’t it’s important to you stick with it, you can always switch things up later down the line-however never do something just because, your heart won’t be in it and it’s likely your viewer will sense that.


5. You’ll learn so much, the jargon, the inevitable technical side, but most importantly about that specific community you’ll be entering.

To summarise…

Be consistent, do the work and here’s the bonus tip be kind to yourself, don’t get down in the dumps if you’re not getting those HITS You’ll only get dispondent. If you enjoy what you’re doing you’ll end up doing more of it and the BEST thing is you can only get better.

What are your views on Social media? Go ahead scribble, in the welcome box below I’d love to know.



2 thoughts on “Writers: Top five ways you can benefit from social media

  1. It’s true that social media is getting more and more important.
    I’m trying with the consistency and as you said it is hard work but if you enjoy it, its worth it.
    Also if you feel creativity is bursting out of you, you have no choice but to do it. You cant get away from it Sabs lol! 😆xx

    Liked by 1 person

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