Getting to know your Selfie


So how much are we obsessed with ourselves?

I’d like to think not much but in the light of Reality T.V and Social media I don’t think I can. We want to know everything don’t we? Only the juiciest of gossip will do, with absolutely nothing left on the table.

But what about your characters how much do you want your reader to know about them, are you prone to giving clusters of TMI. Do you have a tendency to go into detail about erm…EVERYTHING I mean why not, it’s your story right?

The Kardashians

Wrong, because it doesn’t matter HOW eventful the event is or How incredible the overflow of explanation, if you lack the REASON why, it can fall on deaf ears And no one wants to feel cheated.

Image result for What happened? gifsThe Walking dead guide

I believe stories should take us on an awesome journey, not with unnecessary bombs going off all over the place but giving the reader something to invest in, so that in the end they are left to rip roar through the pages and find out what the pay off will be.

There’s no way I’ve got this thing down, I mean I like to flower and self indulge like the rest of the world but honestly reading back over old work *squirm* I can see that has much improved. I can see why cutting down on dumping copius amounts of information can lose the audience and play havoc with the pace, which is why it’s soooo important to edit, edit, edit, and avoid getting all up in your Selfie if you know what I’m mean *See what I did there???*

Oh yes, our attention span is much shorter then ever and as writers we must take that into consideration, an e-mail can be sent in an instant and we’re able to switch over channels in the first brutal 7 secs if we don’t feel like we’re being entertained. The 21st century kid growing up has a first class ticket in and amongst it all and children’s literature should reflect this in some ways.


However, trends will come and go but the motivation for writing your story in the first place will never go out of fashion, only of course if you have nothing to say…Which I’m sure is not the case.


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