‘The Muse’

I completed the last page of Jessie Burton’s The Muse last night, which is her second freaking amazing book since The Miniaturist.

The Muse is set in two different time zones one in swinging 60s London with protagonist and writer wannabe Odelle Bastian, and the other at the time of the Spanish civil war with closet painter Olive Schloss. Burton seamlessly connects deeply woven characters and these two stories together, with one sought after piece of art in an unsuspecting, dark and twisted way.

What Burton does is hard, it’s enviable and it’s work; to have these dual carriages moving at the same time, while pinning down their period, pace and character All hail! Because she really does pull the ambitious feat off. I mean I just can’t gush about it enough, only that it’s incredible prose washes over you like an enchanted castle, its unforgiving seductive nature hooks you from the start, and I absolutely couldn’t put it down.

Go buy it you’ll love it, I promise. 

I’ve got a great 5 question interview coming up with the very generous and enigmatic Miranda Emmerson, talking about her new book ‘Miss Treadway and the field of stars’ Can’t wait to share please come back and join me.


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