I’ve finally joined SCWBI


Last week -ish…

I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to do this, but I finally have yay!!! So if you don’t know what SCBWI is, it’s an HUGE non profit organisation which can help to focus your children’s writing and or illustration journey in the right direction, they provide conferences, articles, and meet ups all with invaluable advice with those in the know. 

They have lots of authors at hand who have been there done that got the t-shirt so to speak, with a host of agents, publishers and awards of their own, it really is worth a look in if you want to get on in the industry.

Check them out!



I went to the British Library, and sat for a very looong time for at least the first 30 mins I’d say…What? Nothing was coming out, no words, zilch…But after a while my fingers began to jump over the keys, and I wrote about two pages of useless gibberish.

I’ll be there tomorrow with bells on of course…How depressing, lol.


Today is my second writing class I’ve taken since signing up for a couple of terms with author & television writer Neil Arksey. It’s also the first ever writing course I’ve done and am super nervous, there is a lot of homework, and, well I may just cry. 

Do you know of any organisations us Childrens writers should know about?

Use the Welcome box below and tell us all x


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