Last week in London baby!



After an absolute mental Summer it was time to go home to London, I didn’t really have the cash, the head-space or the time to do it, but when I heard it was Ben and Drews wedding I just had to be there.

Thurs                                                Wedding bells!!!

Celebrations got underway in beautiful Bath, and the happy couple couldn’t have been happier! They both looked stunning in sharp tailored suits and matching pocket watches, and left not a dry eye in the house as they said their vows- I needed a tissue even before the music started!

So while the boys were smothered with attention from loved ones, and smiled for a million and one well poised photos, some friends and I went and took some shots of our own.

[Oh you’re so funny, no you are, no you are…Lol I love these girls x]



Then Friday came, I tried to do the rounds with friends and family but it wasn’t happening, I mean don’t get it twisted- I did get time to go BOOK shopping, but, and its a big BUT I was promptly dragged out of WH Smith by my party book pooper sister, god I can always count on HER.

So I’d bought 24 books SO WHAT?


My brother finally moved into his new place, and my sisters and I helped out with arranging the furniture, putting together his new bed, and folding his clothes. I’m so excited for him, it’ll be the first time he’s lived away from home so this will definitely be a new chapter in his life….and somehow I can’t help but think that it’ll be a new chapter in mine too- What?? I’m due for one haaa!

O.k I’d like you to all raise you’re glasses for my brother Joel…*Sobs*

‘Welcome to bills, parties, wearing the same pants for multiple days, and no more mum telling you to ‘Do this or do that’ and yes, oh yes,to FREEDOM.

Hip Hip Hooray, Hip Hip Hooray

and one for luck, hip hip hooray!!!

Love you Joe x



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