Getting to know your bad bad habits.


Don’t worry I’m not going to tell you off or indeed give you any tips on how to ‘better yourself’ instead I’m gonna share what I hope some of you are guilty of too, and if not, please just forget I said anything ha!


My Top 3 bad habits!

[Do you do this?]


Say no to stuff because you’ve got VERY IMPORTANT writing stuff to do, which absolutely cannot wait because if it waits nothing will get done meaning, you’ll fall behind and will absolutely never catch up, and that just cannot happen.

But, there’s a good chance…

You’ll stay at home in your pajamas, watching re-runs of ‘Homes under the hammer’ stuffing your face with A LOT of anything salty, ice creamy or of sugary bready type texture. The only thing that will get you even close to your desk is when you hear the familiar latch on the door !CLICK! When you’ll competently hover a nearby pencil over paper then scribble just about anything, yeah, I’m working LOOK, No don’t stand there go 10 feet back, now LOOK.


Pay day seems a lifetime away, you can’t afford those new shoes even though the ones you’ve got have a dirty BIG hole in the sole, you can’t borrow money to family member who really needs it for reasons you can’t recollect now, you can’t afford to go to the movies with mates you haven’t seen for years, but who’s counting???

Because there’s a good chance….

You’ll be able to buy 21 books on Amazon, or was that TWENTY TWO!!!! And be rattling with excitement all day until the door knocks, and it’s the bailiffs.


Quick jump on, yes! Thanks driver you say plonking yourself down in a nearby seat clutching your chest, that was a proper sprint, nice one, no gym for you tonight. Right, time for a spot of people watching- Wait, you’ve got a book, why don’t you take an incey wincey look….

Really? Because you might just miss your-

Last stop, everyone off! ‘But I don’t know where I am! And I don’t have money to get back home and, and do Ann and Gilbert get together in the end???’ *Sobs*

Some people call them bad habits but I call them priorities, what are yours?

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