I think I’m in love with Mr Nicholls




Sorry still reading….


Finished ‘Starter for ten’ no time to breath I have to read the ‘Understudy’!

 and so I did…

I’ve never read so quickly, seriously I’m a slow reader, and to those of you who have read them, of which there are many-sorry I came late to the party lol.

I just kept on thinking… I wonder what David, sorry Mr Nicholls is like, you know as a person, as an author… I imagine him smoking and tapping at his laptop, tap, tap, tap and a lot of smoke, everywhere… and more tapping. I dunno maybe he doesn’t smoke at all.

He must be round my age the references are well, I totally get it, his books are so vivid and funny and poignant, and gritty, and there’s a lot of laugh out loud nooo don’t do it moments too, like a really good film, then suddenly the credits are rolling and… Oh yes, I’m in love, there’s no doubt about it.

I’m half way through ‘The spool of blue thread’ by Anne Tyler. I think I may have fallen all over again.

What books are gripping you at the moment?


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