Be the boss, make the decisions!

I’ve been hard at work with the day job, which means one thing. I have less time to write.imageIt’s a juggling act that I’m slowly getting used to, but definitely do not want to adhere to. Recently I’ve made some ‘no nonsense’ decisions to push things forward, and I’m loving it. The sound of fear quietens when you get stuck in. It has no choice.

I’m currently re-drafting a script, and building up a team to put it on show which I do not mean to do in the conventional sense, this is going to take time. But that’s the goal.


The film shorts that I made at the beginning of the year need work, so after thinking long and hard, I’m going to start again, I will use what I learnt the first time round and make it better. At present, I have a pretty decent sketch of the vision, which needs to be scaled down, and technical ironed out- like the sound, and focus. I’m determined to tighten up the saggy bits!

Oh, and today is the day I got out of my drawing block funk, thank frig for that lol!

What decisions are you making to push your writing forward, would love to hear from you!


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