Alan Yentob interview’s Judith Kerr



I went to see an amazing interview with Alan Yentob and Judith Kerr on Friday, set in a beautiful chapel, in Tottenham crt rd. Kerr spoke about everything from her childhood, to her love for drawing and writing children’s books. At 91 years old she emits light and effortless poise as she answers questions, and I felt extremely fortunate to hear her speak. Here are some of the answers she gave Yentob- which are slightly paraphrased as I didn’t have my note book! 



On Judith’s most well known book…

When I wrote ‘The tiger who came to tea’ I wasn’t sure if to put clothes on the Tiger, should I draw it with fingers? There were all these questions!



On words and pictures

If the illustration in a book shows a boy wearing a red top, and yellow trousers let’s say, and you have a child struggling to read ‘Tim-o-thy is we-ar-ing, a red a-and yel-low sh-irt’ etcetera, it’s torturous, because we already know that, why are you making a child struggling to read, read that sort of thing…The picture should say something different.


On drawing…

I used to be quite slow, but I’m getting quicker.


On writing….

Yes…I’ve written at the same desk for over half a century.


On the NEW book….

I’ve just finished writing a chapter book, with about 70-80 drawings…I haven’t written a book like this before.

We can’t wait to read it!

*That was 5 question’s with the delightful Judith Kerr*


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