Don’t pick up the metro!


Like most I spend the majority of my time travelling, trying to get from A to B as quick as I can. There’s not much time for ‘much’ at the moment, but occasionally great large holes of time are created within my day. Now, I can either choose to fill them up with sleep, Deal or no deal, or talking to my mother endlessly on the phone about the sufficient amount of powder to put in the washing machine, or, or I can attempt to move my arse- I’d say it’s a difficult toss up, but I reckon if you want to get ahead you have to plan ahead.

It is for this reason that I have consciously avoided picking up the Metro any more and instead read, or write depending on how much elbow room I have to contend with, and it’s proving to be quite the success.

Currently I’m reading….

Sacred hearts by Susan Dunant

Funny girl by Nick Hornby


Very different books, but I’d definitely recommend both!

There’s no doubt I like to play hard as much as the next girl, but time is precious  and if I can find a way to extend it, even by an inch. I will.

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Most writers have day jobs, when do you find free time to write and where? I’d love to hear from you!


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