A book with no pictures sounds like bliss right now

As I’m still dealing with ‘drawer’s block’ *foams at mouth

– looking for inspiration to get me back to the literal drawing board is vital. Browsing bookshops has become a regular occurrance for me, and it’s no surprise I usually find myself surrounded by Children’s books by the end of it. Gosh! There’s so much to choose from these days, standing out from the pack has never been so important; I’ve selected a couple of books below, which I think have done just that!


‘Not a stick’ is great, incredibly imaginative clean and simple from a design point of view. Fab!

‘Not now Bernard’ is a golden oldie, but I saw this in Foyles and remembered it from my childhood straight away, this is when words and pictures work perfectly together to produce a classic. It’s still relevant today, delivering a fun and recognisable theme, soh good. 

‘The book with no pictures’ is also brilliant! A cleverly worded and well thought out page turner from start to finish, would highly recommend.

The fact is my picture book DOES have pictures, so I better get over this drawer’s block soon!

What picture books are catching your eye at the moment? Would love to hear from you x


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