Getting to know your ‘Stupid’


My estranged father once told me that I was similar to an inanimate object like a chair or a doorknob, apparently ‘I had nothing going on upstairs’.

This statement almost broke me.

But rest assured, this is not an X-factor sob story to lure you into feeling sorry for me. This post is about pursuing what you want, and switching off the voices which cloud your judgement.

Let’s do this…

Getting to know your critic

If you listen to others about who they think you are, you’ll forever be chasing your tail. Take what you need, and leave the rest.

The loudest message should be the choices you decide to make, and if your happy with that it’s all good.

Getting to know your ‘Stupid’

I think being a children’s writer really pushes you to find the silly in you. A much harder task than when you become all responsible, and can’t see the funny side of things like a cornflake popping out of your nose erm…For some of us that’s really good material! Avoid switching off the idiosyncratic way you go about finding your story, which may look odd to the outside world.

Getting to know your wants and needs

You’ll always have someone whispering in your ear that….

‘Your going about things the wrong way’  

‘It’ll never work if you want to become a writer’ blah blah blah! 

It would be stupid to think writing could be anything else but hard work, but even stupider if you didn’t try!

Getting to know how you learn

So yeah my Dad really did say that initial statement above…It doesn’t affect me in the same way that it used to, I used to be very angry; but I wanted to talk about this today because as a kid I was wasn’t the brightest bulb in the box, always a good few steps behind everyone else.

I used to hate reading aloud in class because I was painfully slow and sweated profusely, however I did go on to higher education, and remember having to review a performance we’d gone to see with ‘Eddie Izzard’ I really enjoyed it and my teacher at the time took a real interest, I couldn’t believe my grade when I got it! I remember her saying ‘Everyone learns in a different way’ and that stuck with me.

To anyone whose studying, or trying to cope with school, or is on this writing journey and getting bogged down with crazy insecurities. Keep going, what you’re feeling is normal and don’t let anyone, not ANYONE bring you down with stupid comments.

Trust me, you’re smarter than that.

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4 thoughts on “Getting to know your ‘Stupid’

  1. Take what you need and get rid of the rest.
    I totally agree. We all have silly in us and I wouldn’t want it any other way.
    I love this post and am sooo glad you have been able to prove those doubters wrong! “You go girl”.


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