A Blah diary Postcard: ‘P.S I missed you!’


I’m so sorry guys I went away without saying a a word, the thing is it happened so fast, there just wasn’t enough time. Anyhow I went for a working holiday to Spain, and it was brilliant! [I know, just look how hard I’m working lol!]image


‘Jameos del agua’ was beautiful, as you can see….

Me and my boyfriend have been planning this trip for a while, and I’m so glad we took the time out to go away in the end. I posted a little something on my face book status when I got back, regarding the short breakaway and I wanted to share it with you too- I’m paraphrasing here but it went something like this…

‘Try, Try, Try to push yourself to do new things, it’ll never be as scary as you think, us humans are crazy and amazing beings when we want to be, you’ll cope with whatever’s thrown at you, and you’ll definitely learn something new along the way, so go for it what ever it may be.’

Posts should resume WEEKLY as usual, unless…well unless I’ve got stuck in a lift or something.


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