Getting to know your writers playlist


All songs/albums listed below can be downloaded, then swivel loaded into a fat kick drum of your choice! And to top it all it’s free.

Lets do this….

1. Washing Machine by the Hum

I believe that the quiet hum of a washing machine can send a baby to sleep in a heartbeat- well, some *clears throat- but you, you’re a different story, especially when in the writing groove, the hum make you write more, the hum make you happy, the hum make you relaaaax Arrrr!

2. Silence by Blank Space

I tend to listen to this classic when I’m passing between a void of nothing, and a pit of everything. Great to listen to if your at a VERY important part of your story, observing passers by, or when having a staring competition with a goldfish-But I’m warning you, that fish is in it to win it!

3. Cafe chat by the Mumblers

OK to my left I have Sally on the keys, eating crisps at such an audible level that I’m forced to wear earplugs.To my right it’s Jack on the drums, boom ssh boom boom ssh! That’s the sound of his foot tapping on the table leg, waiting nervously for his date.

Which just leaves our wild leading front man the Cafe chat host- Gosh he’s wild, he forgot to bring me my coffee again today, but I’m fine with that, totally fine!

Your local Cafe is great when you need a change of wallpaper from your everyday scene. It’s a good option if you have a deadline- there are no distractions i.e fridge, doughnuts, or guilt to get you unstuck; and for me at least, having other people around can be quite comforting, I come from a busy household.

4. Radio 4

What can I say, you get to a certain time in your life when you begin to listen to Radio 4, I don’t know how or indeed when it happens, but it does eventually HAPPEN. If I’m in need of a bit of atmosphere but nothing too overwhelming I stick this on; It tends to to the trick.

5. My music by Your music

Thrash metal, Reggae, Garage, Ping Pong Pop, One Direction whatever it is that you like, you’ll be banging this on when your in a good place with your words. Perfect for when you’ve hit a certain word count, landed yourself an agent, beaten JK Rowling in book sales or you have the desire to jump up and down to few cool beats after a long hard writing session.

A -1,2,3 HIT IT! 

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What’s on your playlist?



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