Twitter dumpers


I’ve decided that Twitter is a self serving, narcissistic, uncontrollable spew of [close your ears kids] mastur****on! Today my Twitter feed was filled with promoters of this, that and a lot of the other…And hey I’m not saying I don’t use it to promote my blog or such things, because it’s a great medium to reach people with.

Buuuuutttt it’s also there as a tool of communication, human to human, testing the very piffy witty Twittyness we inhabit. And yes, at the beginning I had a lot of this relaxed type of banter, and I really enjoyed it. However things have changed, and now when I follow someone I genuinely like and they ask me to buy a ten foot card board cut out of themselves, with an e-book attached titled ‘How to be thin just like me in 45 minutes!’ I’m like wey-hait a minute there pal, talk to me, don’t make me buy a chew toy for a dog that I don’t even own.

Let me make it perfectly clear here people, I will be promoting blog post’s, video’s, and books on Twitter in the near future for sure, and I hope that you guys will support me as you always have. But if you follow me, you ‘friend’ me [like you would your neighbour] and you don’t just come in and dump your bills at my doorstep and leave, no, you hang out, have a cup of tea, AND IF I OFFER YOU A BISCUIT BY JEEVES, YOU TAKE IT!!!!

Unless of course you don’t like Ginger nuts…Or Custard creams….


I swallowed a whole boiled egg today….I don’t even know how that happened???? [but I wouldn’t recommend it.]





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