Half term scrapbook

I don’t have any kids but if I did, I’d take them to all of the places below, I’d probably need to go to bed for a very long time afterwards but I’d do it! 

The imagine festival

It’s packed with a variety of stuff to do, you’ll see kids having a lot of fun rollicking about with their friends, taking part in workshops or listening intensely to a reading of their favourite author.

And 2015 has got quite a line up…

Both Cath Cassidy and Ali Sparks will be there, Jeremy Strong, the bearded bard himself Phillip Ardagh, plus the amazing Judith Kerr, and African Storytelling with Atinuke. I’ve highlighted a few dazzlers here but the list is endless, book your tickets and get yourself down there.


Discover centre in Stratford, London.

The Discover centre truly is a place of make believe, and the staff there are incredible, role play is encouraged getting the whole family involved!


Bop and Boogie

Bop and Boogie Superhero Show

Creator Pamela Virgo will be getting the kids shaking and grooving to her catchy original songs. If you want to experience some home grown fun, this is the place to go. As you can see from the poster, this half terms theme is Superhero’s How cool is that! 


O.k, so even though I don’t have kids I have a pretty energetic nephew, and I’m sure Ill be dragged to see at least one the movies below, and yeah you guessed it, I’ll be the one doing the dragging lol. Not sure if to see The book of life, Ninja turtles or….

Image result for teenage mutant

 or this little fellow, again.







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