Getting to know your fears

Getting to know what your fear is.

O.k, you’ve got 20 sec’s to think about what makes you scared to taking the next step in your chosen career. I’m not talking about creepy crawlies or Trump here I’m talking about the point you’re at now, and the thing that’s in between you and taking steps to making that thing happen.

1,2,3….. Got it? Good, now write that thing down on a piece of paper.

Getting to know how you can change it.

So imagine your mate gave you this paper of FEAR, and would like you to advise them on how to tackle it. The snag is they ain’t got a hell of a lot of time- got an appointment with Idris Elba if you know what I mean-now write it down chop chop! It should go something like this ‘MAKE A START…’

Next write down 3 sharp points of what you can realistically implement tomorrow? Be honest, it can be very small but it has to be in relation to your goal[s] it could be research, looking up taster courses, or talking to someone who’s in your chosen ‘wannabe’ field.

Remember to be clear and concise here.

Take heed, the FEAR will not like this… *Cue Psycho scream Arrrrrrrrghhhhhh!!!!

Getting to know why the fear makes you fear the fear of the fearsome feeeeear…*eyebrow raise*


It could be that….

1. You think you may not do a good job at tackling the FEAR.

2. Or that you might fall off the face of the earth, into a face full of eggy fear gunk which let’s face it stinks of FEAAAAAR!

3. Oarrrr you fear that FEAR itself might eat you alive!!!! Which is highly likely to happen if the FEAR doth winneth!

Woa, enough of the hyperventilation work out, whatever it is write that bit down.

Getting to know whose in control

It’s the moment of truth read what you have written out aloud….Yay- ess I hear dat! So put your coat on and head to your local supermarket, buy one large slippery fish, preferably one which has gone pass it selby date, come home and whack that piece of paper until it’s slimy and rotten.

A bit dramatic? Maybe, but I promise you you’re going to feel so much better afterwards. How else are you gonna show FEAR whose boss? It’s ok to be scared, it’s natural right? But if it’s preventing you from doing the stuff that you wanna do, I’m sorry it deserves a slap with a wet rotten fish. (FYI If you’re a vegan you can use a whole cooked leek here)

Getting to know your vision

It sounds proper pants, I know, I know but stay with me here. Think about that thing you want, be specific, don’t let the mind wander. Think big but stay grounded- stare at it dead in the eye. So when the opportunity comes along you’ll be more than ready, you’ll be prepared.

Yes, you’ll be pulled in various directions along the way, but making your vision a reality was never gonna be easy. Fear is a slippery little sucker like that, it creeps up on you when you least expect it. So stay focused.

And if I were you, I’d keep that fish in my back pocket….Just in case.

You need to kick some ass.

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Whatever it is that makes you glow, stick at it, we’re all rooting for you ;-]


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