Here’s a sneak peak at David Horror

The drawings for the three picture books I’m working on are coming along nicely, but yeah, there’s always bits I wanna tear apart with my bear hands-I guess that’s how these things work, bear clawing, Croc biting, and gnawing your way through it all lol.

On the whole I’ve had such a good time drawing these illustrations for my book ‘The secret life of David Horror’ that the overall feeling is immensely satisfying when I sit down at my desk to work…


Oh congratulations Mrs Chondia!! who entered my give-away on behalf of her little 5 year old girl Fifi, whose favourite picture book was ‘The very hungry Caterpiller’ by Eric Carle because she likes the colours. Well, thank you Fifi for that, you have won last weeks picture book prize, ‘Spec’s for Rex’ signed by Yasmeen Ismail!!!





5 thoughts on “Here’s a sneak peak at David Horror

  1. Love, love, love the animations Sabrina….there’s lots of stories within this picture….love the love hearts on the wall, the little girls outfits are sohh cutes. You almost want to jump into the picture to find out what’s gonna happen next! Cannot wait to see this come to life even more my lovely. Such a talented little star! Good luck with everything xxx

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